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Brochure Printing with AA Media Cardiff

Brochure printing and catalogue printing are the principal methods of informing the Cardiff and South Wales business community of what your company represents. Of course the printing of your business cards is the initial contact and a sharp, clear and distinctive card establishes first contact.


It is the brochure printing that shows off the company, enterprise or small business to best effect. The company that does  your brochure printing should not just put ink on paper. A print expert will understand that reading your printed brochure  is all about colour, feel, size and even smell. There is something strangely attractive about the smell of freshly printed copy.

AA Media are experts when it comes to Cardiff printers and as print experts, they take your brochure printing seriously, talking to the experts will  help you choose the best format for your catalogue or brochure. Of all the printers in Cardiff AA Media offer something over and above the rest offering print management and media advice to their customers.

They can suggest the best way to realise your design ideas so when you present it, the size, weight, paper and quality of print  enhances your chances of doing business.

 Brochure printing or catalogue printing?

Whilst there are many similarities between the two formats they serve different purposes. Brochures have a longer life than catalogues, as product ranges can change together with prices. Use the experience of AA Media to make sure you don’t make mistakes, integration of separate price lists in your catalogue printing is always a good idea to allow you company to grow. Pockets and foldouts add interest and versatility.

Present day marketing is an amalgam of hard copy brochure printing and digital format pdf files. A website has many good points as it puts your products on the laptop, tablet and smartphone and content is easily upgraded.

Showers Brochure picCatalogue printing frequently takes the form of a binder that allows regular updates AA Media have examples and testimonials from satisfied customers and retain your previous projects for ease of updating of your catalogue sprinting requirements.

Brochure printing takes those images and puts them in the end users hand. There is still a strong desire to flick through the pages of a brochure or catalogue. Its production takes customers from the virtual world to the real world and letting a print management company like AA Media handle your brochure printing makes good commercial sense for your business, be it in Cardiff or anywhere in South Wales.