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26th Oct


FAW Hotel Team Room Graphics

We were asked by the FAW to produce a series of graphics which would go in their team room at St David’s Hotel where they were staying for their recent home game against Scotland. The room obviously just looked like any other hotel conference room and they wanted us to come up with some graphics which would make the room look like an FAW room and make the players and staff feel at home.

We decided to produce a range of products to utilise the space we had to work with. We supplied some re-useable vinyl graphics which were placed on the walls and in front of the bar, as well as a couple of roller banners and a few canvas prints to replace the pictures the hotel had up. We were also asked to place some ‘inspirational text’ on the prints to help inspire the team.

We don’t like to boast, but would like to point out that Wales did pick up their first win of the campaign.

All of these graphics will be used during future international breaks and we have also been discussing some extra graphics for next time as well.

We were also quite pleased to learn that Sky Sports ‘pinched’ one of the canvas prints to use as a back drop for an interview with Joe Allen. The interview was shown during Sky’s pre match build up and you can see an image of this above.

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